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Family and Friends



me_amelia_and_josie       me_amelia_and_my_mom       me_mallory_and_logan_at_my_house

My family and friends are very important to
me. With out my mom, sister, and cousin I do
not know what I would do. I also love my dog,
Arthur.  My three best friends, Mal Schouten,
Logan George and Kelsey McKinley are
also a major part of my life.

My mom is a 5th grade  teacher at Montague Public. She is 42 years old.

My 12 year old sister is named Amelia. She plays soccer like me and is in 7th grade.

Josie is my 7 year old cousin. She has been living with me for the past few months.

Arthur is my dog. He is a mix from the Noah's Project. He's two years old and very unintelligent.

Kelsey, Mal, and Logan are my best friends. I couldn't live without them!

Me_and_kelsey       me_and_logan_stunting_josie        me_amelia_and_kenzie_on_dock

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